Preventing Alzheimer’s with Lifestyle Changes, & Other News of Note

Study Suggests Lifestyle Linked to Some Alzheimer’s (San Jose Mercury News)

A provocative new analysis identifies the biggest risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease – and concludes that more than half of all cases are potentially preventable through simple lifestyle changes, such as exercising, quitting smoking and losing weight.

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“It’s another brick in the wall suggesting that Alzheimer’s doesn’t have to be a passive thing that we wait to come get us. There are life modifiers that may reduce our risk,” said William H. Fisher of the Alzheimer’s Association”…MORE

Study: For Healthy Choices, Shop with a Cart, Not a Basket (Consumer Reports)

Heading to the grocery store? Then using a shopping cart instead of a basket can help you make healthier choices as you cruise down the aisles. At least that is the suggestion of a recent study in the Journal of Marketing Research.

The researchers, who watched 136 people as they made food choices in the grocery store, found that people who used baskets that they carried instead of carts that they pushed were more than three times as likely to choose unhealthy over healthy food items…MORE

How Wrong Sleeping Causes Pain (Healthier Talk)

We all know why sleep is good for you. It relaxes the body, calms the nervous system, regulates breathing and induces the relaxation response. It allows the body some down time to repair itself.

The power of restorative rest and sleep is strong and wide reaching. In fact, symptoms of diseases like fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, chronic fatigue and the flu are decreased while we sleep. But did you know that improper sleep can be a cause of pain and suffering? Poor sleeping posture is the reason for this…MORE

How to Eat Your Way to Lower Blood Pressure (Globe & Mail)

If you need to lower your blood pressure, consider swapping bread, crackers and cookies for foods like milk, yogurt, tofu and soy beverages.

According to a U.S. study published this week in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association, partly replacing refined carbohydrate with foods high in soy or milk protein may help prevent and treat high blood pressure…MORE

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