Weight Alone No Measure of Health, & Other News of Note

Excess Weight Not Always Unhealthy (Consumer Reports)

A new study has added to the evidence that when it comes to longevity, being healthy is more important than being thin.

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The finding challenges the traditional thinking that excess weight alone is a health problem that needs to be treated, and suggests instead that it’s the lifestyle behaviors and co-occurring risk factors that often accompany obesity that account for its health risks…MORE

15 Minutes of Daily Exercise Lowers Risk of Death (Consumer Reports)

Good news—the bare minimum is good enough, suggests a study published online in the Lancet today concluding that just 15 minutes of daily physical activity increases your life expectancy by 14 percent, or three years, over your sedentary counterparts…MORE

Daily TV Quota of 6 Hours Could Shorten Life Expectancy by 5 Years (ScienceDaily)

Watching TV for an average of six hours a day could shorten the viewer’s life expectancy by almost five years, indicates research published online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

The impact rivals that of other well known behavioural risk factors, such as smoking and lack of exercise, the study suggests…MORE

Dot to Dot Makes Teeth Tough (Futurity.org)

Protein molecules that self-assemble like stepping blocks and then stabilize in a connect-the-dot fashion give tooth enamel its unique combination of hardness and resiliency.

Researchers believe the findings, reported in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, may translate to nanoscale development of a variety of biomaterials, including those used for restorative dentistry…MORE

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