Biosis 34: Chemicals & the Biological Terrain, Natural Rejuvenation & More

The August 2011 issue of Biosis, our quarterly newsletter, is now online. In this issue:

  • JoAnne’s Motivational Minute: Natural Rejuvenation

    When you’re out on the water with fishing pole in hand, the boat gently rocking, you have time to take in the beauty of nature – not just to see it but savor it. You’re imbued with a great sense of peace. And why not? The natural world is where we’re from. Taking time out from the rapid pace and stress of modern life, we feel relief and ease in the presence of the living, breathing Earth.

  • Dr. Verigin’s Comment: Environmental Influences on Chronic Illness: Chemicals & the Terrain

    Chemicals find their way into us when we breathe, eat and drink, and when there’s skin contact. But then what? Where do they go? Some we’re able to excrete, but constant chemical exposure means that even these tend to be ever present. Other toxins are persistent and bioaccumulative. That is, they hang around in our bodies for a long time and build up over time – in our blood, fat, muscles, bones, vital organs and the biological terrain itself. How long? Consider: PCBs have been banned in the US for over 30 years, and DDT for nearly 40, yet both are still found in nearly all adults tested by the CDC.

  • From Our Blog: Is There Really Such a Thing as “Metal-Free Dentistry”?

    As more people become aware of the health risks of mercury amalgam fillings, you see more dental practices marketing themselves as “metal-free.” Sounds great, no? It’s also inaccurate – and not just because these dentists often do place metal restorations such as gold crowns. As dental materials expert Jess Clifford has noted, “There is no such creation as a metal-free restorative” – not even tooth-colored restorations.

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