A Curious Juxtaposition

Check out the top story we saw when we visited NPR’s health blog the other day:



Check out the headline immediately under it:



That same afternoon, Consumer Reports posted news of a listeria outbreak via contaminated cantaloupe. Two days later, news broke of a recall of fresh basil for fear of salmonella contamination.

Though consumer concern has dropped, it hasn’t dropped quite so much as those juxtaposed posts might lead you to believe. According to NPR, last year – during a time when food-borne illness loomed large in the daily news – 61% said they were “very concerned” about food safety. This year? 57%.

But look at the change in numbers of people who said they’d been seriously sickened by contaminated food in the previous three months. Last year, 12% said their illness was “pretty serious.” This year, 22% did.

Some Food Safety Blogs

And to learn more about the politics of food safety, read Marion Nestle’s excellent book, Safe Food.

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