Ya Gotta Have a Gimmick: Toothbrushes

Thus spake “Dr. Mark Foster” – “a Well known Authority on Different Personal Hygiene and Dental Care Issues”:

Inside the event you believe the exceptional problems that individuals say in at the very least 1 30 Second Smile evaluation, then the method to cleaner and whiter teeth is just 30 seconds away. This revolutionary new electric toothbrush utilizes six brush heads that clean each and every your upper and lower teeth in the precise identical time. These brushes successfully hug your teeth though brushing so even the back and all biting surfaces are perfectly cleaned in as small as thirty seconds.

When a post is that disjointed, you can’t help but follow the links!

Next stop: “Dr. Mark Foster’s” website, a rather poorly done flog (fake blog), where all roads lead to the buy site.

And just what is 30 Second Smile anyway?

Why, it’s a “revolutionary new electric toothbrush!”

And like diet pills, exercise machines and other “miracle” products, it guarantees results with minimal effort – in this case, clean teeth that are whiter and brighter than you can get with regular brushing.

The gimmick? Six – count ’em, 6! – brush heads that are intended to cup around “all surfaces” of each tooth. So instead of brushing the upper and lower arch separately, you pass the brush around both arches at the same time.

But “all surfaces” seems to refer only to the enamel, not the gumline. Though animations in the ad do show brushes reaching this area, none of the people shown using the product seem to touch it at all.

This is a problem, as oral microbes really like to collect at the gumline and in periodontal pockets flanking the teeth. It’s why brushing alone isn’t enough. At minimum, you also need to floss or use a proxy brush to clean the pockets and around the necks of the teeth. That many people don’t is one reason why gum disease is such a problem, affecting over 75% of us. Avoidance makes the problem worse, and raises the risk of inflammatory conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke, as well as bone and eventual tooth loss.

Besides, two minutes – the recommended time for brushing – is not that long.

Well, unless you’re using a brush like this


Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush


– in which case two minutes can seem like forever. But then it’s time to reach for the Bieber floss or flossers. Because Bieber wants you to have good teeth.



It could be worse, though. Remember Tooth Tunes?



h/t Emily A.

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