Using Your Teeth as Tools – NOT the Best Idea Ever

Teeth aren’t tools – not that this stops people from using them that way:

“I have one patient who broke a tooth because they were biting a fishing sinker,” said Dr. Deani Deskins-Knebel, dental director for the Columbus Neighborhood Health Center Inc.

She also has had patients use their teeth to open packages, close small metal objects and bite off tags from new clothes.

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Teich said teeth are built to withstand vertical forces, not lateral forces. He has treated electricians who strip plastic coatings off electrical wires with their teeth.

“People are often proud they can open a bottle of beer with their teeth,” he said.

When any of these tasks result in a damaged tooth, you’ll need to see your dentist for a filling, a crown or a porcelain cap to fix the damage.

None of these fixes, though, will be as strong as your original tooth. And when it comes time to pay, insurance will cover only some of the cost.

Oh – and in case you were wondering:


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You know, we have to think – or at least are hoping hard – that those sickened ranch workers will be the exception that proves the rule cited by a Dr. Denise Hering in the first article above:

“We’re creatures of habit,” Hering said. “It’s ingrained and can be very hard to stop…; they’re probably going to do it again.”

Besides, as a friend and former shepherd tells us, “The knife is always the fastest way of castration and the bleeding does stop eventually.” 😉

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