The Oral-Systemic Connection, & Other News of Note

Can Poor Dental Health Lead to Pneumonia? (Dental Education Blog)

Yale University says so.

The oral systemic health study, presented this past October at the Infectious Diseases Society of America annual meeting in Boston, was headed by Dr. Samit Joshi of Yale University School of Medicine.

Researchers found changes in bacteria in the mouth preceded the development of pneumonia…MORE

If Your Teeth Could Talk… (WSJ)

The eyes may be the window to the soul, but the mouth provides an even better view of the body as a whole.

Some of the earliest signs of diabetes, cancer, pregnancy, immune disorders, hormone imbalances and drug issues show up in the gums, teeth and tongue—sometimes long before a patient knows anything is wrong.

There’s also growing evidence that oral health problems, particularly gum disease, can harm a patient’s general health as well…MORE

Dried Licorice Root Rights the Bacteria That Cause Tooth Decay & Gum Disease (MedicalXpress)

Scientists are reporting identification of two substances in licorice — used extensively in Chinese traditional medicine — that kill the major bacteria responsible for tooth decay and gum disease, the leading causes of tooth loss in children and adults. In a study in ACS’ Journal of Natural Products, they say that these substances could have a role in treating and preventing tooth decay and gum disease…MORE

Neck Pain Treatments Put to the Test (WebMD)

Spinal manipulation and at-home exercises may be better at relieving neck pain than relying on drugs.

But the best neck pain treatment may depend on the person.

A new study shows that spinal manipulation therapy from a chiropractor or home exercises provided by a therapist offered better neck pain relief than medication alone in people with neck pain of less than three months’ duration…MORE

FDA to Decide This March Whether to Ban BPA (ChronRx Health Blog)

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration on Wednesday committed to decide by March 31, 2012, whether bisphenol-A, otherwise known as BPA, should be banned from use in packaging for food and drinks.

The decision to decide is part of a settlement agreement with the National Resources Defense Council. The FDA took three years — more precisely 41 months — to respond to the environmental group’s petition…MORE

The 10 Most Important Health Freedom Stories of 2011 (Wake Up World)

2011 was an amazing year for the health freedom movement, with monumental victories against Monsanto, Merck and money-hungry pharmaceutical corporations as a whole. As the year comes to a close, it is important to look back on some of the most important stories that helped to propel the natural health movement into the mainstream spotlight…MORE

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  1. Very fascinating!! I am thrilled to see more people waking up to the importance of dental care..our mouths truly are a portal to many diseases. Are you aware of Ellie Phillips and her blog and group AAOSH, amer assoc of oral systemic health? All along the same lines.

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