Implants, Implants Everywhere!

You probably heard the story (since determined to be a hoax) of the Polish dentist who got revenge on her ex-boyfriend by pulling out all his teeth. According to The Telegraph‘s version of events, the now toothless man says he’s “going to have to pay a fortune on getting indents or something.”

Of course, “indents” – that is, implants – have their hazzards, too (and not just those we’ve written about here):

A Kentucky woman is suing a dentist, accusing him of dropping a small screwdriver down her throat that migrated to her digestive tract and later required surgery to remove.

According to Jonathan Turley,

The lawsuit says that Galbreath was cleaning her dental implants when he dropped the screwdriver. He allegedly told David to “gag herself until she vomited” but she could not get herself to force out the tool. Rather than sending her immediately to the emergency room, which would seem prudent given her age, Galbraith sent her to a chiropractor’s office for a x-ray. He then instructed her to try a high fiber diet and look for the screwdriver in her bowel movements. One month later, doctors had to manipulate the screwdriver into the appendix and then perform an appendectomy.

Meanwhile, the march of implant research continues. Remember that study we told you about, which suggested that bisphosphonates improve implant stability?


You can read about the new NYU College of Dentistry study here.

Finally, on a more serious note, ProPublica has weighed in on concerns with the FDA’s lax monitoring of medical implants. Check it out. (And if you missed it, be sure to see Consumer Reports‘ coverage of the issue.)

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