5 Misconceptions About Acupuncture

From Dr. Edward Lamadrid, DAOM, L. Ac., LMT:

  • Acupuncture is painful.
    Acupuncture can actually be very relaxing. Some report a tingling or numbness. A sense of deep heaviness or numbness indicates that the treatment is working.
  • Acupuncture is ineffective.
    Acupuncture treats a plethora of ailments, anything from losing weight and libido issues to headaches and digestion problems. (It’s been noted that placebos do not work on animals, yet acupuncture does work. Acupuncture used in conjunction with other treatments or medications can be extremely effective.)
  • Acupuncture needles aren’t safe.
    Acupuncture is always performed with disposable needles in a clean and sterile environment. Acupuncture needles have been approved by the FDA and are only used once, then disposed of. It’s always important to go to a trusted licensed acupuncturist when undergoing this type of treatment.
  • Acupuncture is a placebo.
    espite the fact that acupuncture has proven results, even if it is the placebo effect kicking in, who cares? The body’s most powerful healing organ is the brain, and it is estimated that the placebo effect works 30 percent of the time.
  • Acupuncture is only good for pain.
    Acupuncture has been known to aid in depression and emotional issues as well as digestion difficulties.

So what is traditional acupuncture all about?

“5 Misconceptions” adapted from unsolicited press release

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