Nothin’ Better to Do (Than Eat ‘Kraut & Get a Root Canal)

You tried to ignore it. You knew it was the apotheosis of non-news. Yet you could not hide from the fact that web editors everywhere had figured we would care about LeAnn Rimes’ recent root canal and what she Tweeted about it.

And now you can’t even hide from it here…because wading through all the Google Alerts that included 1001 retellings of Rimes’ dental saga, we got distracted by some weird details that actually seemed worth riffing on.

Such as…, you say?

How about the pre-treatment sauerkraut fest?

The weekend before the surgery, she ate a ton of sauerkraut “to put probiotics into my system to counteract all the meds,” followed by some crazy-sounding shots (“O-M-G i got 3 shots in the roof of my mouth & 1 INSANE shot directly into the half dead half ALIVE nerve through the hole he drilled on the backside of my tooth”), and then finally had the tooth taken care of once and for all….

Presumably, “all the meds” were antibiotics prescribed for infection that made the root canal necessary, which do seriously throw the gut flora balance out of whack. (Balance is crucial to good health.) So yes, eating fermented foods such as sauerkraut can be helpful.

But only if you keep eating them after you start taking the drugs.

And according to Mail Online, that’s doesn’t seem to have been the case.

The blonde star seemingly fulfilled her food craving later in the evening, when she tweeted a picture of her meal alongside her laptop and an ice-pack.

‘Yesterday evening’s fun….Mac & Cheese, an ice pack and online shopping…..bad combo lol’ she wrote.

Maybe, instead of shopping, she might like to read up on the problem with root canal teeth


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