Dialogue on a Non-Existent Product

In which we talk back to a puff piece on another dental gizmo

You know something?

Why, yes. Yes, we do. In fact, we know a lot of things.

Brushing one’s teeth every single day is ideal, but there are times when you return home too bushed out to actually bother brushing.

Actually, brushing twice a day is recommended, but we get your drift. And yes, some find it easy to get lax about, whatever the excuse.

I guess that is excusable to a certain degree, but let us keep our fingers crossed that it will not end up as a habit – and a bad one at that.

Okay. That’ll be fun. Let’s.

However, there are times in life when we are working on a particular project, only to realize that we have forgotten to brush our teeth.

Indeed. Or forgotten to eat. Or to drop the check in the mail. Or whatever.

This is where a home based tool like the Oral Care Motivator comes in handy, albeit it currently remains stuck in the realm of being a concept, waiting for someone with the industrial know how and money to churn it out from an actual production line.

How do you know it comes in handy if it doesn’t exist yet? Just sayin’…

This concept from Christopher Santos is known as the Oral Care Motivator, where it is actually a toothbrush holder which will help remind you to toe the line when it comes to oral hygiene.

Uh-huh. Go on.

Sporting a built-in digital clock at the base, it can be set to the right alarm at any time of the day, and it can even be linked to a smartphone app, now how about that?

How about that! Of course, you could also just set the alarm on your cell phone. (By the way, did you notice you have a run-on sentence there?)

Not only that, there is also an automatic dental floss dispenser which works in a rather clever manner.

Do tell!

Each time the . [sic] Oral Care Motivator senses that you’ve set your toothbrush in its hole, it will send the built-in light into a flashing frenzy as a floss reminder.

That is not a “floss dispenser.” That is a flashing light dispenser…[snip]

Update/correction: The device does, in fact, dispense floss! See the comments below, where the developer describes how it works in greater detail.

Post revised 8/10/12

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4 replies on “Dialogue on a Non-Existent Product”

  1. Thanks for mentioning my project on your blog, Gary! I am a newbie product design graduate and I could use all the attention I can get. Flossing has always been a hard habit to develop for me, so hence why I decided to take this on. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you, Christopher, for taking the post in the spirit it was intended! 🙂 And we wish you all the best in transforming your concept into reality. So does the device actually dispense the floss? It wasn’t clear from the site where we first read about it, but that could be pretty cool!

      1. Yes, it dispenses floss when you are done brushing, to remind you to and help the user possibly develop a routine. From most of my own research talking to flossers and non-flossers, one of their main complaints was trying to remember to floss after brushing, so I decided to make the unit sense when the user is done brushing (once you place the toothbrush back onto its brush holder) and dispense the floss (with a flashing light indicator and accompanying beep). It’s just a concept and it was for my final senior year in design school. Interestingly, I stumbled upon your mention by googling my name, to see who on the internet was talking about me or my projects and came across your blog. 🙂 Well, thanks again.

        1. Awesome…and we’ve updated the post accordingly. And you’re right: Flossing is the tough part for a lot of people. (One dentist we know recommends flossing first, to make sure it’s done, since most people won’t forget about the brushing.)

          Good luck to you! And thanks again. 🙂

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