Sites We Like: The Office Blog of Dr. Bill Glaros

While there seem to be blogs for every interest imaginable (“People Brushing Their Teeth in Places Other Than the Sink” anyone?), active blogs on biological dentistry seem few and far between. In fact, Technorati lists only two: this one and Dr. Erwin’s The Holistic Dentist. But we were recently introduced to another that’s up and running strong, and we’d like to introduce it to you.

The blog is on the office site of Texas dentist Dr. Bill Glaros. A past president of the IABDM, Dr. Glaros has practiced dentistry for 38 years, including on regular mission trips to Guatemala to provide dental care to those in need. His blog covers a wide variety of topics, with recent posts ranging from how exercise helps your perio health to post-surgical healing support to the reasons why digital x-rays are better than film. And the archive is especially rich in material on mercury amalgam fillings and heavy metals toxicity.

So head on over, say hello and be sure to let Dr. G and his staff know how you found out about them.

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