Mercury Awareness…and Then Beyond Awareness

We’re glad to see Dr. Mercola and Consumers for Dental Choice teaming up once again for Mercury-Free Dentistry Week. Until amalgam is finally abandoned as archaic and unsafe, this kind of educational outreach and call-to-action is vitally important. We encourage you to visit regularly this week for info and comment on efforts to make all dentistry mercury-free.

But awareness is only a start – especially for those with chronic health problems that may have been triggered or worsened by “silver” fillings.

It’s all too easy to focus so much on the role of amalgams that other important factors get neglected. Yet for long-term healing and lasting results, we must look beyond the simple tooth-body relationship to the whole dynamic of physical, mental and spiritual aspects that make us who we are and determine our state of health or illness.

In other words, amalgam removal is no panecea, no cure-all. As we wrote before,

a conscientious practitioner will never just take out amalgams without first investigating whether they are in fact the prime source of illness and dysfunction in the body. For there are often other problems that can be addressed in more conservative ways first, with mercury removal to follow if doing so is indicated by the client’s particular health situation. Even then, the client must remember that healing is a process for which the body must be prepared. If the immune system is weak, if the biological terrain is compromised, hasty removal can actually create more problems than leaving it in.

This is something we elaborated on more recently:

Mechanistic thinking…drives the belief (and hope) that if only a chronically ill person could get rid of their mercury fillings or root canals or cavitations or implants, their health may be restored. But what we repeatedly see in clients with severely compromised health from decades of progressive illness is that dental factors are just one of many physical and energetic burdens on the body. As we wrote before, dental factors are often just “triggers to deeper, more ingrained health issues.” Some people may tolerate amalgam fillings or root canal teeth for years – just as long as the body is able to effectively excrete the toxins. But should it fail and toxins accumulate, from dental sources or elsewhere…then you have problems.

When we analyze a client’s biological terrain, current dental conditions and complete health history, we typically see burdens building from a very young age and accumulating over time. “Simple” and “easy” health complaints are treated with drugs, which add to the burden and often generate more symptoms “requiring” more treatment. The illness progresses into deeper and deeper phases. Eventually, the person may turn to non-allopathic therapies, but if they’re used in the same mechanistic way, positive results tend to be short term.

For healing, the body’s self-regulating mechanisms first must be stimulated. You have to spur its innate clearing and healing ability so it can finally begin excreting the accumulated toxins. Once you do, other interventions – cavitational surgery, say, or mercury removal – should prove more successful.

If you suspect mercury may be an issue for you, we encourage you to seek the guidance of a qualified biological dentist who can help determine whether amalgams or other dental factors may be compromising your health and provide a sensible, comprehensive plan for healing.

Published by The Verigin Dental Health Team

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