Tomorrow, the Right to Know Vote

Tomorrow, at last, we Californians vote on GMO labeling.

Like most holistic and biological practitioners, we support Prop. 37 and the right to know whether a food has been genetically modified or not. After all, it’s kin to the informed consent we value in our practice. You provide information that people can evaluate based on their own beliefs, values and needs so they can make good, meaningful decisions.

As we noted before, the campaign against labeling has been richly funded by Big Food and Big Ag, among others, helping them spread their message far and wide. For months now, we’ve been bombarded with their ads. If you somehow managed to miss them – or wish a refresher course – you can visit No on 37 to review their argument against labeling.

For a more surprising opposition to the proposition, see Kevin Drum’s argument in Mother Jones (and a rebuttal by his colleague Tom Philpott).

While our support is ultimately based on the right to make informed decisions, we do believe – unlike Drum (and others) – that there is sufficient cause for concern over the effects of GMOs on both human and global/environmental health.

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Whatever your view on this or any of the other issues and candidates on your local ballot, remember to vote tomorrow! Your vote, as they say, is your voice.


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