“…the Prices Are Obscenely High…”

Average cost of a conventional dental implant: $1500 – 3000 per tooth

Approximate time it takes a dentist to place implants: 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on how many are being placed and their complexity

Implant specialist Dr. Gordon Christensen, speaking at the ADA’s annual meeting last month:

“If you’re with the three biggest companies [manufacturing implants], I’ll say right to you: You’re losing market because the prices are obscenely high….” His opinion, he added, was based on his knowledge of what it costs to make titanium implant pieces. “I know how much,” he said, “and it’s not much.”

Last year, we heard Dr. Christensen lament over how few people are getting implants.

So would lower costs mean more implant patients, presuming the dentist passed on the savings? Or would they be more like a subsidy for the dentist to make up for the patients who refuse them?

And there are good reasons to refuse them

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