10 Easy Ways to Crack Your Teeth This Holiday Season

broken_toothAs the holiday season amps up, there seems hardly enough time to attend all the extra shopping, preparing and holiday functions, let alone squeeze in a dental appointment for a cracked tooth! Yet you’d be surprised how many have to do just that.

Margaret Mitchell, DDS, of Mitchell Dental Spa shares 10 common causes – and tips for avoiding – tooth damage year-round:

  1. Eating hard candy
    Still finishing the last of the Halloween stash? Make sure you’re not biting down on something hard. Jolly Ranchers and dinner mints are common culprits.
  2. Chewing on hard objects
    The littlest things you chew on can do big damage. Especially avoid chewing ice.
  3. Eating popcorn
    Your favorite movie treat can have a horror film twist if you bite down on an unpopped kernel. Your tooth may be scarred for life.
  4. Eating frozen candy bars
    They may taste great, but, as with ice, one bad bite may crack a tooth. So be careful with that frozen Snickers bar!
  5. Cracking nuts
    Nutcrackers are more than pretty decorations or a holiday ballet. They’re a tool that will help keep your teeth intact!
  6. Loosening objects
    When something is hard to open, too often, we resort to using our teeth. Not a good idea. Teeth just aren’t suited for jobs like untangling knots or opening tight bottle caps.
  7. Opening packages
    Many of us are guilty of being so eager to nosh, we tear the slippery bag open with our teeth. A cracked tooth is definitely not worth a handful of pretzels or chips.
  8. Foreign objects in food
    Keep an eye out for out-of-place objects in some of the yummy holiday dishes you’ll be eating. Any hard thing – from bones in your turkey to rocks in your quinoa – can spell disaster for a tooth.
  9. Finishing a hairdo
    A mouthful of bobby pins while you work on getting your hair just righ can be a definite dental don’t.
  10. Nail biting
    While this may be considered just a bad habit, it can also be dangerous for your teeth. Biting your nails can cause the breakdown of enamel and eventually tooth cracking.

What to do if you do crack or break a tooth

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