Eminently Quotable: Gary Zukav

The Winter Solstice is almost upon us. If health is our ultimate wealth then this is a time that offers profound opportunities for spiritual and inner growth which will ultimately affect our health.


How painful would it be to cling to the Summer Solstice or imagine that the Winter Solstice will last forever? When we plunge into frozen darkness with each tragedy or explode into happiness with each accomplishment, we miss the meaning of the solstices. They show us the changing nature of our experiences. That are parts of the experience but they are not who we are. We do not need to plunge into despair each time darkness arrives or pretend that sunlight and warmth will fill our days forever.

Cultivating love and challenging fear are choices. If we make them unconsciously, we journey through our lives forever feeling the cold and seeking the warmth, fleeing the pain and seeking joy. But we can choose consciously. We cannot control the weather – death, loss, and illness come — but we can choose our internal climate — love or fear.

The Winter Solstice is an opportunity to choose consciously.

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