You Say Cool, We Say Yeah, Right

Jeweled tooth tattoos and the yaeba look are so passe!

Yes, just a week into the new year, and already, the first story has appeared on the latest in teen tooth trend in Asia!

Teens paying for fake braces because metal mouths are cool

For anyone whose teen years involved a small fortune of metal welded to their teeth, the trend of wearing faux braces must seem bizarre. Teens in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are reportedly paying around $100 for fake fashion braces, with Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse designs being particularly popular.

Yes, Hello Kitty.


You’re surprised? There are Hello Kitty retainers, too.


But why should kids have all the fun? What about the older folks?


See the whole gamut of “Hello Kitty Oral Fixation” on Hello Kitty Hell‘s Pintrest board.

Hello Kitty tooth cap anyone?




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