“Saving” Teeth by Destroying Them

Say you take your four year old child to the dentist. During the examination, the dentist tells you he found four cavities. You consent to treatment. Afterward, you take your sedation-groggy daughter home and let her nap.

So later, when you look in her mouth, what do you see?

If you said “four fillings,” you obviously aren’t Arizona mother Alecia White.

When Savannah woke up and White looked in her mouth, she saw that every single tooth, top and bottom, were capped with stainless-steel crowns.

“I didn’t expect for her entire mouth to be covered in silver,” White said. “We went in to have a couple of cavities done and she came out with a mouth full of silver.”

KTVK_dental_procedure-4Actually, there’s scant silver in steel crowns. They’re made mostly of iron, chromium and nickel – those last two metals, well known to be toxic. Sensitivity to nickel in particular is on the rise, and nickel

is the number one cancer stimulating metal, even worse than mercury – because mercury usually kills cells, whereas nickel just turns the cell malignant. Although cobalt and chromium individually do not cause cancer, if they are combined into one mixture, they will cause cancer.

Nickel causes DNA damage in preventing cells from repairing and from duplicating. It has pronounced adverse effects on the immune system, destroying T-cells and especially the NK cells that are our major defense against cancer. Alteration of chromosomes is another pastime of nickel.

Sounds pretty unsafe doesn’t it? But it’s cheap. That’s why we find it in removable partial dentures, orthodontic braces, adult crowns and bridges (especially as the base under porcelain crowns) and children’s “chrome crowns”….

And yes, those crowns have been found to “release nickel, chromium, and iron in oral environment,” with the ions being “absorbed by the primary molars roots.”

Why use them? Like amalgam fillings, not only are they cheap but durable. Unfortunately, this makes it all too easy to imagine some horrifying scenarios as the child loses her baby teeth. If there are steel crowns are still in place and she develops cavities in her adult teeth, any new metal fillings almost guarantee oral galvanism. Among other things, the electric reactions between dissimilar metals hastens the release of mercury and other metals from the restorations involved, thus raising the risk of heavy metals poisoning and associated chronic health problems.

Why cap all the teeth instead of just those that were carious?A dentist consulted for the news item above “claimed that although it looks bizarre, all of those caps were necessary to fill Savannah’s cavities and to save other teeth that were probably deteriorating.”

As if that would have made the placement of toxic materials so much more sensible.

Image via KTVK/3 on Your Side

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