Stat!: Why Supplement?

  • Percent of American adults who use dietary supplements to “improve” their overall health: 45
  • Percent who take them to “maintain” their health: 33
  • Supplements most commonly taken: multivitamin-mineral, calcium, omega-3/fish oil
  • Percent who take specific supplements on the recommendation of a physician or other health professional: 23

If you’re thinking about supplementing beyond the basics – multivitamins, minerals, fish oil and the like – we recommend not going the solo route. Consult a naturopath or other qualified holistic practitioner instead.

They can help make sure you take things that will actually be helpful and take them in the right amounts. They can guide you toward good quality products, as well. (Yes, quality does matter.)

Stats via JAMA Internal Medicine

Published by The Verigin Dental Health Team

A humanistic, holistic dental practice in Northern California, providing integrative, biological, mercury-free dentistry

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