Pink Ribbon Season Already?!

Is there any adult American who hasn’t complained at least once about how the holiday season starts earlier and earlier each year? This year, we even had Black Friday in July (presumably as a variation on hokey “Christmas in July” sales, but then shouldn’t Black Friday have been in June?).

But grumbling about that stuff is so passé. Now, the breast cancer industry seems intent on starting Pink Ribbon Season more than a month early.

Yes, emails announcing the launch of this fundraising campaign or that awareness campaign have begun trickling in, and some of them seem just sort of…sad.

Like the pitch to help in The Fight Against Breast Cancer by voting for “America’s Ugliest Bib Clip.”

Yes, really.


Just cast your vote, they say, and they’ll give a dollar to provide breast cancer screening for low income and uninsured individuals, the risks of overdiagnosis and false diagnosis and overtreatment be damned.

It’s brought to us by the makers of a brand of disposable bib clips called Bib-Eze. Their campaign? Bib-Eze for Boobies.

Oooooh! How edgy. How quirky. How fun.

How tired.

And you’re right: It has nothing to do with cancer. Presumably, it’s just supposed to be “fun.” Like collecting Yoplait lids. Or buying a pink pistol. Or whatever.

Think Before You Pink.



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