Follow-up: Antidepressants, Obesity & Cancer Edition

Often it happens that soon after we post on one topic or another, we stumble upon related material and think, “Damn, wish we could’ve included that in the post!” A few such item we’ve bookmarked in recent weeks:

  • After “News Flash, Pharmacological Edition” and its short list of recommended reading on antidepressants
    “A Glut of Antidepressants” (NY Times) discusses research published earlier this year which found that almost 2/3 of individuals diagnosed with depression did not in fact meet the DSM diagnostic criteria for major depression. Most, of course, were given SSRIs or other medication – this, despite the conclusion of a 2012 study we recently became aware of: “Antidepressants generally do more harm than good.”
  • After “Obesity as ‘Disease’?”
    LiveScience reported on yet another commentary about Body Mass Index (BMI) being a misleading measure of health. Simply, it overlooks too much: fat, fat distribution, race, gender, age…. So why use it? “Because,” one of its authors told LiveScience, “it’s simple.” The commentary was published in the prestigious journal Science.
  • After “The Real Question” and“Pink Ribbon Season Already?!”
    “Cancer Research in Crisis” (Salon) discusses the work of Lee Ellis, which has shown that the “irreproducibility of papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals is a major problem” – and one not restricted to marginal publications by any means. “The recent questions raised about the reproducibility of biological and medical research findings is forcing scientists to embark on a soul-searching mission,” writes Jalees Rehman. “It is likely that this journey will shake up many long-held beliefs.”

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