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What better time than the day after Halloween to have a National Brush Day, right? Though really, this newly declared observation is less about this


and more about this


which is to say not a one-day-a-year problem but an ongoing one. Yet it’s almost completely preventable – in part, through regular and effective hygiene.

Ideally, that means at least brushing and flossing daily (brushing alone cleans only about 60% of tooth surfaces), although many a parent could tell you that just getting kids to brush can be a chore, let alone brushing for the recommended two minutes.

Hence, kids’ toothbrushes festooned with favorite TV and movie characters or that light up or sparkle or otherwise attempt to make toothbrushing seem a little more enjoyable, even fun.

Here are 6 brushes that have appeared over the past several years – and not all just for kids – that put a different spin on what we usually think of when we think about toothbrushing:

  1. Tooth Tunes
    PrintWhy go for a plain ol’ singing toothbrush when you can let your own head serve as an amplifier?
  2. Wii Control Brush
    Apparently, only a demo was ever produced, but what a concept!: “The game involves keeping your character alive in a perilous fish tank. Only by brushing your teeth with the correct motion and making sure to cover every last tooth can you escape harm.”
  3. Fountain Brush
    Who needs rinse cups cluttering up the counter? Just flip the handle: instant fountain!
  4. Finger Brush
    Then there are those who don’t need no stinkin’ handles either.
  5. Tongue Brush
    Another option for handle-shunners.
  6. Scary 6 Second Brush
    More handle-less brushing. In fact, no effort at all is needed they say. “But,” says Time‘s tech blogger, “the contraption looks kind of scary, like one of the mean, aggressive fish from Finding Nemo. Do you really want that in and around your mouth? What if it accidentally brushes your face?”

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