“…the Implant Actually Becomes a Part of Your Body…”

From a media release we received last week:

Titanium implants are a wonderful option because they actually fuse with the jawbone. During the healing process, the titanium surface of the implant fuses onto the bone in a process known as osseointegration. In other words, the implant actually becomes part of your body…

An article we stumbled upon later that same day:


Somehow, we don’t think that’s quite what the implant dentist meant.

The researchers said the implant may have been wound up her sinus because of improper positioning, or as a consequence of tissue around the implant eroding, as well as bone loss.

The latter especially makes sense since tooth loss comes courtesy of disease. The tissues implants are put into are generally far from healthy – just one of the factors that makes them a less-than-great replacement for missing teeth.

But here’s the really weird part of the case history:

Study researcher Alberto Schreiber, of the University of Brescia in Italy, said that he suspects the implant had been in the woman’s sinus for at least a year, and perhaps even since the patient’s surgery two years before.

Even if you had no idea that an implant had migrated into your sinus, wouldn’t you at least wonder where the heck it went and ask the dentist about it?

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