REALLY Needing a Dentist

SONY DSCNo kind of pain is pleasant, but tooth pain can be a special kind of hurt.

To wit:

A Swedish convict was so desperate to get rid of his toothache that he escaped from prison to visit a dentist.

* * *

“My whole face was swollen. I just couldn’t stand it anymore,” the man told the Dagens Nyheter newspaper (DN).

According to that original Swedish news account, the man was serving just a one month sentence in Östragård, an “open prison” in western Sweden.

There was therefore no difficulty in getting away. The report states that the institution’s electronic monitoring system alerted and the man departed directly.

The man made his way down to Vanersborg and searched into the next dentist. He received the inflamed tooth pulled and the dentist washed clean inflammation in the oral cavity.

Easier to mind, he went to the police who drove him back to prison Östragård. [Google translation]

And they gave him an extra day in prison for his efforts.

He is still happy to have gotten rid of toothache.

No doubt about that, at all!

Fortunately, on the outside, you’ve got options for dealing with a toothache (also) – the best way being, of course, to take good care of your teeth and avoid such problems in the first place!

Image by Paul Hudson, via Flickr

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