How Are Dental Implants Really?

crown_implantLast fall, we told you about research showing that well-maintained natural teeth tend to last longer dental implants. Yet implant dentists often boast of success rates as high as 98%.

Now, new research again calls such claims into question.

A critical review just published in the Journal of Dental Research compared the long-term survival of implants and root canal treated teeth. And what did they find?

DrBicuspid reports:

“Evidence exists that the loss rate of implants is higher than that of natural teeth in clinically well-maintained patient,” they wrote.

* * *

“Based on the critical evaluation of published data and methods used in clinical studies, reported outcome rates for implants may be greatly inflated….”

In addition, the researchers found a lack of funding disclosures in 63% of industry-sponsored implant trials, while 66% had a risk of bias. The authors warned against using a success or survival rate of more than 95% for implants as a promotional tool….” [emphasis added]

“A tendency exists toward a simplified approach of ‘extraction and implant,'” the authors noted, “but this is not always simple or ethical.”

cut_toothUnfortunately, as our patients and regular readers know, root canal teeth aren’t exactly the greatest option either in terms of overall health. While such teeth may remain in the jaw much longer than implants, they typically become harbors for a wide array of pathogens. These harmful microbes and metabolic toxins can leave the tooth at the roots and travel throughout the body, contributing to the body’s total toxic burden and paving the way for a variety of chronic, systemic illnesses.

To learn more about the risks of root canals and implants, check out our resource guide in Dr. V’s Biodental Library.

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