Biosis #42: Root Canals, Dental Implants, Real Food & More!


The February 2014 issue of Biosis, our quarterly newsletter, is now online. In this issue:

  • JoAnne’s Motivational Minute: Stewards of the Earth

    Our current drought can remind us to never take nature’s customary abundance for granted. And it may lead us to focus more fully on what part we each might play in the judicious use of all of the gifts on our planet.

  • From Our Blog: Implants No Improvement Over Natural Teeth

    As Dr. V likes to say, the best teeth are the ones you’re born with. No restorative material can compare. Sure, there are plenty of good options for when a tooth must be repaired or replaced. But no dental restoration or prosthesis can last forever. Your natural teeth – properly taken care of – can and should (barring accident or injury) last a lifetime.

  • Dr. Verigin’s Comment: Root Canals Are a Chronic Focus, Part 1: What Weston Price REALLY Learned About Root Canals

    Every week, we get calls from people who desperately want to know if we remove root canal teeth. They say that somewhere on the Web, they’ve read that having those teeth removed may relieve their symptoms of MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or any number of other chronic, degenerative diseases.

    To be honest, it can sometimes sound like they’ve just heard Chicken Little holler that the sky is crashing down. For more often than not, they just haven’t investigated the issue very thoroughly yet. They’ve read or watched video by so-called experts who may refer to George Meinig’s Root Canal Cover-Up, whether they’ve actually read the whole thing or not, let alone Weston Price’s two volume opus on dental infections and systemic disease.

    Meinig, of course, cites Price’s work as the main inspiration for his own change of heart about the dental procedure he once championed. But what Price had to say was a little bit narrower, more specific than what Meinig attributed to him.

  • From Our Blog: 9 Reasons to Demand Real Food (Guest Post)

    While the specifics of any one person’s diet may differ, all healthful diets have one thing in common: Whole and minimally processed foods are the foundation and bulk of it. This is what we’re talking about when we talk about “real food” – the sustenance we need and deserve.

    Here are 9 reasons – among many more and in no particular order – why real food matters…

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