Stat!: Diet Damaged Teeth

  • Percent of young adults(ages 18 to 35) who have experienced erosion of their tooth enamel: 29.4
  • Percent who have experienced tooth sensitivity: 41.9

The culprit? According to the study from which those stats are taken, “modern diet.”

We know: What a surprise.

ESCARCEL found that those with frequent acidic food intake had higher levels of tooth wear. Adherence to the modern lifestyles including diets rich in acidic food such as fruits, juices, tea and sodas, is a likely contributor to the increase of the condition.

Estogeny & nekarioznye porazenia zubob. Monografia.Of course, enamel erosion is far from the only consequence of the modern, Western way of eating. As Professor Alan Cooper, director of the University of Adelaide’s Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, described it following the appearance of one of his studies in Nature Genetics last year,

The composition of oral bacteria changed markedly with the introduction of farming, and again around 150 years ago. With the introduction of processed sugar and flour in the Industrial Revolution, we can see a dramatically decreased diversity in our oral bacteria, allowing domination by caries-causing strains. The modern mouth basically exists in a permanent disease state.

Why a preventive approach matters so much, beginning with a healthy, whole foods-based diet…

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