Just Yank Out the Tooth?

A great comic we recently ran across:


A not-so-great real world example that recently ran in an email from Mercola.com, just below the large supplement ad:


Suffice it to say, the article has relatively little to say about extraction. In fact, the real title of the article is much less flashy, much more responsible and prevention-oriented:


Unfortunately, the first headline – the one from the email blast – plants the seed of belief in the idea that extracting root canal teeth alone will lead the way to healing from one chronic condition or another: Just remove the focus – the local source of infection – and expect your health to improve. But as as we noted a few weeks ago, that’s not quite the case.

In fact, one reason why [Dr. Weston] Price’s work on focal infections came to be discounted was dentists naively extracting root canal teeth from patients whose health did not improve one bit afterwards. It wasn’t the theory that was wrong; only some of the actions it inspired.

Simple extraction is seldom if ever enough.

If healing is to happen, the health of the extracellular matrix – the biological terrain – MUST be addressed first. For just as its condition dictates the course of disease, it also guides healing. Addressing the terrain means supporting and strengthening the body’s self-regulating abilities so that when it comes time to address specific dental issues – root canal teeth or otherwise – the body will be able to respond positively and move toward health.

In short, root canal teeth are a problem, but far from the only factor in generating illness. For more on this issue, check out the article we posted last week in which Dr. Verigin takes a closer look at Dr. Price’s 25 years of research and ultimate conclusions about root canals.

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