Biosis #43: Attitude, Root Canals & Gluten-Free Foods

The May 2014 issue of Biosis, our quarterly newsletter, is now online. In this issue:

  • JoAnne’s Motivational Minute: Easy as ABC

    A stands for ATTITUDE!

    Zig Ziglar used to talk about how there were two kinds of people in the world: optimists and pessimists. Optimists, he said, jump out of bed saying, “Good morning, Lord!” Pessimists tug the covers over their heads and groan, “Good lord, it’s morning already.”

    That difference in attitude can make – or muck up – your whole day.

  • Dr. Verigin’s Comment: Root Canals Are a Chronic Focus, Part 2: How “Saved” Teeth Become a Problem

    Last time, we took a closer look at Dr. Weston Price’s root canal research. This work is often misunderstood. Many people – in his own time and today – believe that because his findings showed that root canal teeth can trigger illness, simply removing them will restore health.

    This is an oversimplification.

    Price understood that the environment in which a tooth is placed – the “soil,” so to speak – matters greatly. The body will do all it can to defend itself, and its ability to defend is dictated by the health – or lack of it – of the individual. Dental infection is not, in fact, the only contributing factor to systemic troubles. Yet interestingly, he didn’t seem to feel the need to stress this point.

  • From Our Blog: A Time & a Place for Everything…Gluten-Free, Too

    Back in December, New York Times columnist Timothy Egan proposed a list of overused and “misused” words to be cast aside with the old year. No surprise that “gluten-free” was among them. Yes, there’s a practical need for the label, yet slapping it on “things that have no connection is a cynical corporate play for clueless consumers who buy something simply because they think it’s healthy.”

    He’s got a point.

    It seems every grocery store nowadays has a section if not an entire aisle dedicated to gluten-free food products. What explains this sudden emergence? Did we see a sudden surge in celiac disease? Or is it just another food fad?

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