20 Extractions + Implants + Grafts = 1 Very Bad Idea

As we say, the best dentistry is the least dentistry.



– is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much dentistry.

Having a tooth pulled, a cavity filled, or even a dental cleaning can be nerve-wracking even to the most fearless and bravest of them all. A Connecticut grandmother, accompanied by her husband Michael, was ready to have 20 teeth extractions, implants, and grafts all in one visit, but the procedure ultimately led to her tragic death. The pleas of 64-year-old Judy Gan, and even those of a dental assistant, did not suffice for Dr. Rashmi Patel of Enfield Family Dental to stop the procedure or save his patient’s life when her oxygen levels became dangerously low.

“This is Jodi calling from Enfield Family Dental at 71 Hazard,” the caller stated at the time of the incident, WFSB reported. “We’re having a problem with one of the patients. She’s under sedation and her pulse is really low.” Allegations are that Patel was made repeatedly aware that Gan’s vitals kept dropping, yet the dentist wanted to keep working, as one of his assistants told investigators that “an assistant asked if we could call 911 and he said no,” according to the documents.

Gan, who was a retired librarian and mother of two, had pre-existing medical issues that Patel was aware of. She woke up after being injected with the unidentified reversal agent and asked Patel “if we could please stop the procedure and call it a day,” the assistant said. Patel told his assistant to not tell her again unless it goes under 60. It was only until the situation got worse and a second plea that Patel agreed to call 911, which by then was too late, as Gan was pronounced dead at the Bay State Medical Center in Massachusetts.


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