Homeopathics & Gum Disease

chron_perioIf you’re having a problem with gum disease – and nearly all adults are – the first thing to do is to NOT do nothing. Periodontal problems don’t get better on their own. They get worse.

Doing nothing puts you at risk of tooth loss and may contribute to any number of other inflammatory conditions, including heart disease. In fact, the latest research shows that not only do we see an association between perio problems and heart disease; there appears to be a causal connection, as well.

Typically, the next step is amped up hygiene: more frequent dental visits for deep cleanings (scaling and root planing) and more thorough hygiene at home.

Of course, there are other things you can do to support the benefits of treatment. Dietary improvements – cutting back on refined carbs and added sugars, for instance, or increasing intake of healthy fats and proteins – can give a major boost. So can reducing stress, dealing with bruxing (clenching and grinding) habits and using supplements and homeopathic remedies as recommended to support good gingival and bone health.

That homeopathics can help is borne out by new research just published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice.

The study wasn’t a huge one – just 50 patients with chronic periodontitis – but very straightforward. One group of patients received standard periodontal treatment, while the other received that and homeopathics. Both groups were assessed after three months of treatment and again after a year. In addition to evaluating clinical attachment – a standard measure of periodontal health – the researchers looked at blood serum results for a number of inflammatory markers, such as cholesterol, glucose and uric acid.

What did they find?

All subjects showed significant improvement – but those who also had homeopathy improved more. The authors’ conclusion?

Homeopathic medicines, as an adjunctive to SRP [scaling and root planing], can provide significant local and systemic improvements for CP [chronic periodontitis] patients.

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