Pennsatucky’s New Teeth

***Spoiler alert***

Of course we binge-watched the new season of Orange Is the New Black as soon as it was released a couple weeks ago. For one, it is, in fact, that good.

But we also had to learn the fate of Pennsatucky’s teeth – or what remained of them after she’d been Piper-pummeled.


And we weren’t the only ones.***

Did she get everything extracted? And then dentures? Full arch implants? Some implants and a partial denture? Are we going to discuss her treatment plan?


Even in the far from realistic world of Litchfield, we doubt implants were involved. It’s still prison. Implants would set the DOC back $1500 to $3000 per tooth; dentures, less than $1000 for the whole shebang.

Not that someone with such an advanced case of “meth mouth” would be an especially good implant candidate anyway – at least not without extensive and expensive care prior to their placement. And let’s not even get into the further oral and systemic health issues implants can contribute to.

The DOC probably wouldn’t cover much of attending to that damage either.

***Nor were we the only ones distracted by how clear Pennsatucky’s speech once her teeth had been knocked out.

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