More DIY Dentistry, Metal-Mouth Edition

Once we saw this…

…we really felt no need to watch the whole episode of Extreme Cheapskates.

Sometimes, a teaser is enough.

But it brought to mind another case of DIY dentistry we recently ran across in the British Dental Journal, though here it had nothing to do with being cheap. The individual was in jail, found a cavity in a molar and was denied dental care.

So he made his own filling. Out of “tin foil.” And toothpaste.

Writing from Athens, a dentist from the clinic that eventually treated him described the sight:

aluminum foil inlayHis restoration was still intact when he visited the clinic and the tooth appeared to be asymptomatic. The toothpaste probably acted as cement, as it hardens over time. It could have also released fluoride and caries did not progress further. The margins were generally acceptable. Moreover, the colour and the texture of the restoration resembled a new, well-polished amalgam filling.

Not that that’s a look to be sporting…but we digress.

Impressed by the “quality” of the filling, the dentist noted that there is in fact a tradition of using tin to restore teeth. But that’s real tin, not the aluminum foil that’s standard today – and, as recent headlines remind, not exactly something you want to keep in a tooth over the long haul:

Telegraph screenshot

You can read more about the ongoing research here.

And also this

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