5 Tips to Stay Balanced During Thanksgiving Chaos – & Beyond

Thanksgiving tableWe usually think of Thanksgiving and the ensuing holidays as a time of joy, warmth and togetherness. It can also be a time of chaos, tension and stress – an altogether challenging time of year.

Recently, we received a great set of balance-maintaining tips from Megha Mehta, founder of The Balance Mantra and author of the new book Find Your Rhythm: Feel Your Way to Perfect Wellness.

Here, she says, is “how you can really activate your innate body wisdom this Thanksgiving!”

  1. Pause and Scan Several Times Daily: Set the tone for what’s coming up by building this really simple pause and scan technique several times into your day. All you need to do is pause whatever you’re up to for a minute and allow yourself to “feel into” your body. You can start from your toes and then go up all the way into your belly, chest, arms, head and so on. Make sure you’re acutely aware of the sensations, feelings and visions that may come up. The more often you do this, the better you will be tuned in to your body’s internal landscape.
  2. Breathe to Get Out of Your Own Head: Breathing is the fastest way to become aware and present. It can be a great route to getting out of your mind. Whatever it is that you’re onto just dedicate 1-2 (or more if can!) breaths to getting in to your body. If you aren’t able to feel more present in your body yet, don’t fret, this is a practice that you will get better at with time.
  3. Letting Go is Just Like Minimizing an App: Just before you go to bed at night, close your eyes and imagine yourself letting go of each part of your day. Just like minimizing apps on your smartphone or windows on your computer use 2-3 minutes to send each of your worries, thoughts, to-do’s and other ideas into ether (space). Depending on whether you’re spiritual or religious you can also hand each of these over to God, the universe or consciousness.
  4. Inhabit Your Body: Many of us are going about our days without fully “being” in our bodies. It’s like parts of our bodies have shut down or have been blocked and we can’t access them. A great way to activate your body’s wisdom is to take a moment to make each part of your body more fully awake and alive before you start your day. This can take as little as 30 seconds! Just allow yourself to stretch, move and say good morning to every single part of your body, first thing in the morning!
  5. Disconnect to Reconnect: Whether you’re in a conversation with friends or family or taking those calls, messages and emails that are urgent, it is critical to stop. The constant connection slowly erodes the internal connection we have with our bodies. That makes it more challenging to hear, understand and interpret the messages that our bodies’ are giving us all the time! So for a few seconds, just take time off from your computer screen, laptop, iPad, tablets and smartphones and let yourself just be where you are!

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