Worst Ways of Saving Money #43: Avoid the Dentist

We’ve said it before: If you want to spend a lot of money on dental care, one of the best things you can do is avoid going to the dentist.

Now NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is making much the same point in a campaign for Aspen Dental. “Delaying dental visits for years,” she says (or, at least, is said to have said),

is similar to what happens when you don’t keep up maintenance on your car and then expect it to perform the way it should. You end up having higher costs to repair damage that could have been prevented with proper, regular maintenance.


The campaign kicked off with a prank video that we have to admit is really fun – despite the commercial pitch for the super-corporate, decidedly non-biological Aspen Dental at the end – and pounds the “no bargain” point home:

Dental work only gets really expensive when you avoid seeing your dentist until something goes wrong. What you save in the short run, you lose in the long – not just in terms of oral health but overall health. The two, after all, are linked.

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