Recommended Reading: Dr. James Rota’s Mirror of the Body

Reviewed by Gary M. Verigin, DDS, CTN

Mirror of the Body represents the collected thoughts and observations of a brilliant and inquiring dentist. Dr. James Rota, a general practitioner of dentistry whose life focus has been on holistic health, courageously raises important and vital questions concerning commonly accepted medical and dental procedures which can adversely affect the health and wellness of every individual.

James Rota's book Mirror of the BodyAs a long-time biological dentist, I find this a passionate and necessary book – one to read and re-read and prominently place on your bookshelves. Rota asks difficult questions about the future of dentistry. The narrative is gripping, and the writing is marvelous. His life history and the problems associated with being first exposed to mercury as a twelve year old and later on as a practicing dentist are so movingly told, they grabbed and kept my attention throughout this remarkable book.

Through five decades, Rota has directly observed the enormous negative impact that mercury “silver” amalgam fillings and infective dental toxicity has had on the health of many of his patients. He has also found that the removal and complete healing of sites of infective dental toxicity such as IBD (Ischemic Bone Disease / chronic jaw osteitis / cavitations) and removal of the patient’s mercury amalgam fillings often result in seemingly near-miraculous improvement in many of the patients he has so treated.

At the very least, Dr. Rota has frequently viewed substantial improvements in the clinical conditions and numerous aberrations in the patient’s laboratory profiles of many patients who have had these dental obstacles removed.
The chapter called “Show Me the Science” further attempts to demonstrate that a very large amount of hard scientific data already exists to support all of the assertions made. He cites, too, the work of the great German doctors and researchers such as Reinhold Voll, Fritz Kramer, Jochen Gledistch and Ralf Turk, among others – men whose work helped provide the missing link between dentistry and medicine and inspired the approach now known as biological dentistry.

The title of the book comes from Osler’s famous quote: ”The mouth is the mirror of the body which reflects systemic disease.”

Rota, in turn, emphatically states:

The mouth is a sacred part of the body. It is a highly sensitive entrance to the body. It is where we verbalize our thoughts, where we eat our food, where we kiss and experience intimacy, and where we laugh and sing. We instinctually cover our mouths when we are afraid or surprised. We may bite to defend ourselves. We look at other people’s mouths and make judgements based on its size, color, condition and reflection of the current state of emotion. We socialize with our mouths, even from great distances. Some of us will use our mouth to chant the word “Om” to tune into the vibration of the universe. It is considered the frequency energy that connects and joins all things together.

Rota is unafraid to dig deeply and honestly both within himself and within the dental profession. He raises critical questions that twenty-first-century dentistry must answer if it is to meet the proper needs of its patients as well as of its practitioners. He peels back the veneers, so to speak, revealing the discomforting truths of modern dentistry.

There’s a maxim Drs. Voll and Kramer liked to share when they taught: “One dentist will keep two physicians busy for the rest of their practice lives because of the ills placed upon them by uninformed dentists.” Mirror of the Body does more than just show how this is so; it shows how things can be otherwise.

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