The Entertainment Value of…Root Canals?

Apparently there was some to-do last week over some Clay Aiken dissing the American Idol judges in a series of tweets.

Now, none of us here watch the show. None of us are sad that it’s in its last season.

Yet one tweet did catch our attention:

Clay Aiken tweet

He’s watched root canals?* He has so little to do – or such a keen but apparently unheralded interest in dentistry – that he watches stuff like this?:

J-Lo, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban can’t collectively be that bad now, can they? The thought is almost enough to make us want to watch at least one episode to find out.


Anyhow, for more reasons why root canal therapy is the antithesis of entertaining, check out our article “What You Need to Know About Root Canals & Dental Implants” over on our main office site. It includes a list of links to other resources so you can learn even more about the potential long-term impact of root canal therapy on overall health and well-being.

And if you want a more up-close and personal look at how a root canal is done, check out this and this, both of which are made a little entertaining by some editing and music. But still: root canals.

Note: In fairness, he might well have meant something more along the lines of “had root canals” or even “seen root canals.” Even so…

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