A Simple Toothbrush at the Middle of It All

toothbrush in shadowThough the standard advice is to never (ever, ever, ever, ever) share your toothbrush, some people will do it anyway. One British survey, for instance, found that 24% would share with their partner (6% with a celebrity). Another found that almost one in 10 had shared their brush with someone.

Everybody, all together now: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

Which brings us to a very weird news item we stumbled across the other day under the headline “Nigerian Kills Friend Over Toothbrush.”

The police have apprehended a 26 year old Nigerian for allegedly stabbing his compatriot over a used toothbrush.

The suspect identified as Marvelous Okere-Son allegedly took the toothbrush of the deceased person Sunday Organ to brush his teeth but never returned it, resulting in a fight.

Marvelous in anger took an empty wine bottle, broke it and stabbed the head and back of the victim.

We have sooooooooooo many questions!

Was the thieving the thing and the toothbrush just incidental? Did Marvelous take the “don’t share” message much too severely? Or maybe he just really loved his toothbrush.

Regardless, he’s been charged with murder.

As for toothbrush-sharing and other ways not to use it, check out this.

Image by Jeremy Brooks, via Flickr

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