Coming Together for the Holidays

By JoAnne Boettcher-Verigin

From Biosis 53 (Winter 2016), Dr. V’s quarterly newsletter

retro holiday tableWhenever the holidays came around during my childhood, so did my uncles – usually full of argument. And they would get LOUD! They could be arguing about something as important as politics or as mundane as how to carve our holiday roast. They would get red in the face, arguing as though their lives depended on it.

But then, when it was determined that it was time to stop, my grandfather would merely say softly, in his gentle German voice, “Now, Boys, no more arguing.” And they would stop. No one was upset or angry.

We were secure enough in our family that we could disagree and yet respect each other’s ideas. No matter what, if anybody in the family needed anything, the rest would be there with help and support.

In light of all the turmoil that 2016 has brought, those long-ago days might seem light years from how things are now. We see more and more conflict among people. Longtime relationships have been shredded due to the political situation. Instead of meaningful discussion, it seems all we get is dissent and division.

Yet families can and do still come together. And those ties are worth nurturing – if not with our biological families, then the families we choose for ourselves. Where there is mutual care and support, where there is love, we can speak our minds, listen to others, and still respect each other even when we don’t see eye to eye.

Again this year, I look forward to my family being together. We’ll share stories, food, gifts, ideas…maybe we’ll even have some heated discussions! We’ll share meals prepared from family recipes. We’ll drive around town to look at the Christmas decorations. We’ll share memories. We’ll be tired after all the activity, but we will feel safe and loved and content.

I wish that for all of you!

And from all of us here at Dr. Verigin’s office, happy holidays and a blessed new year to all! We’ll see you back here in January…

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