Bad Ideas in Brand Extension: Oral Hygiene Edition

This was never real:

Ben and Jerry's orange juice and toothpaste ice cream

But once upon a time – in 1982, to be exact – this was:

Colgate beef lasagne

Yes, Colgate – maker of toothpaste, mouthwash, and other oral hygiene products; a brand that absolutely dominates the global market; the first company to put toothpaste in tubes – thought it was a good idea to roll out a line of frozen entrees Under. The. Colgate. Brand.

Colgate identified their target market as single or widowed people who were conscious about their food, who liked to read magazines and listened to the radio in the car. They imaged their shoppers choosing Colgate over Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice entrees.

The deep-pocketed company planned to spend as much as $16.00 per impression in media outlets like Glamour, Better Homes and Gardens, and Lifetime channel. They went heavily into cents-off coupons. They blanketed the airwaves with messages on radio and TV.

They failed completely.

No surprise there.

lasagne coming out of toothpaste tube



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