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This blog is a mirror of the one at Dr. Verigin’s main site.

The blog’s title plays on the ancient Greek aphorism gnothi seauton, “know thyself.” We believe that knowing thy self and thy health are both crucial to wellbeing. For as Dr. V’s practice philosophy states:

Knowledge is not only power. It is empowering.

The more that people understand their bodies and the mechanisms that cause illness and wellness, the more committed they become to pursuing and embracing wellness.

We understand that learning is motivated by the personal need for fulfillment.

We understand that effective learning is more than just getting information. It happens when the information hits home intellectually, emotionally and spiritually – when it takes on personal meaning.

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We welcome your comments on posts and encourage you to share your thoughts respectfully. All comments are held for review and may be edited by our staff prior to posting. This is a moderated forum.

We regret that we cannot comment or offer advice on specific dental health situations here.

This blog is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for individual health, fitness or medical advice.


Know Thy Health Guest Blogger:

Dr. Christina Grant is a holistic healer and intuitive counselor who works in person and by phone. She has helped hundreds of people attain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being through personal transformation. Her writing is published nationwide. She is co-author of Eight Minute Muse and is completing a book with a fresh perspective on women’s health. To learn more, visit www.christinagrant.com.


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