KTH Flashback: Yes, Dental Care Can Cost. Avoiding It? Even More So.

According to a new report from the ADA Health Policy Institute, about 1 in 5 American adults skip needed dental care. Far and away, the main reason they give is cost. They say they just can’t afford it or don’t want to spend the money. But one thing wasn’t exactly clear in the news coverage […]

What Every Jack o’Lantern Needs Is…a Good Dental Theme?

About 10 years ago, we found out just how sacred the Halloween candy tradition is to some people when our post on alternative treats drove an extreme amount of new traffic to our blog – and a whole lot of spirited (pardon the pun) comments. Many were supportive, but of course there were others that […]

Why We Start with the Biological Terrain: Sarah’s Story

If you’ve been dealing with long term illness and then learn about the impact that things like cavitations, root canals, or mercury amalgam can have on your health, it’s easy to think that simply addressing them is all that you need to finally begin healing. But despite what you hear from some corners of the […]

But Does Fluoride Stop Decay? Not So Much, Suggests New Study

Elsewhere on the fluoridation front, another new study questions the conventional wisdom on fluoride varnishes. The literature review and meta-analysis, published last month in Caries Research, looked at data from 20 earlier studies from 13 countries to see how effective such treatments are when it comes to preventing tooth decay in preschoolers. Fluoride varnish has […]

The Latest Study to Link Fluoride Exposure with Lower IQ

Fluoride is an unqualified good for preventing tooth decay, suggest its defenders, and fluoridated water is the best means of delivering it to the most people, particularly those who lack access to regular dental care. We have zero doubt that such folks mean well, but they also seem to overlook a critical point: All drugs […]

Reason to Ditch the Soft Drinks #189

In news that should surprise exactly nobody, yet another large study has shown a relationship between soft drink consumption and death risk. Published earlier this month in JAMA Internal Medicine, the study analyzed data from more than 450,000 European adults whose health habits were followed for 11 years or more. Compared with those who drank […]

Brushing Your Teeth Matters, but It Isn’t Everything

So yes, of course, oral hygiene matters. But it’s not everything, as new research in the BDJ reminds. The study was just the latest to look at the oral health of elite athletes. It included Olympians and pros alike, representing 11 sports all together. But when it came to the state of their teeth, those […]