Acupuncture Improves Dry Mouth Symptoms

As long as we’re on the subject of saliva and dry mouth conditions, there’s another recent study that may be of interest to you. According to a paper published last fall in the Annals of Oncology, acupuncture appears effective for relieving dry mouth. All of the nearly 150 people who participated were cancer patients suffering […]

5 Misconceptions About Acupuncture

From Dr. Edward Lamadrid, DAOM, L. Ac., LMT: Acupuncture is painful. Acupuncture can actually be very relaxing. Some report a tingling or numbness. A sense of deep heaviness or numbness indicates that the treatment is working. Acupuncture is ineffective. Acupuncture treats a plethora of ailments, anything from losing weight and libido issues to headaches and […]

How Pool Water Can Hurt Your Teeth, & Other News of Note

Pool Water May Strip Tooth Enamel ( Taking a dip in the backyard pool may cause permanent damage to teeth if chlorine and pH levels are not properly maintained. “Improperly maintained pool chlorination in swimming pools can cause rapid and excessive erosion of dental enamel,” says Leila Jahangiri, a clinical associate professor prosthodontics of New […]

Late Night Nosh Can Damage Your Teeth & Other News of Note

Midnight Snacking Damages the Teeth, Experts Warn (BBC) Eating food in the middle of the night can seriously damage your teeth, Danish experts have warned. Researchers examined medical records of 2,217 Danes and found midnight snacking ups the risk of tooth loss, regardless of the type of food eaten. The University of Copenhagen team blamed […]

Scrutiny Under the Headlines

Earlier this month, we groused a bit about scare-mongering, drug-privileging headlines on some worthwhile news stories. It didn’t take long for similar examples to pop up. For instance, there was the Consumer Reports Health Blog item on choosing a safe acupuncturist, which came under the headline “How Safe Is Your Acupuncturist?” (a type of headline […]

Acupuncture for TMD & Chronic Pain

When you’re suffering from TMJ pain or a full-blown TM Joint Disorder (TMD), with its tangle of head, face, jaw, neck and shoulder pain, getting rid of that pain is always the first priority. Ideally, this is accompanied by treatment of what’s causing the pain so that it stops. The easiest thing to do, of […]

AP’s “Assault on Alternative Medicine”

Another week, another installment in the Associated Press’ ongoing series of articles on what they call “alternative medicine.” Despite being positioned as “news,” the series has appeared highly biased and ill-informed in a way that feeds the needs of Big Medicine. We’ve written about this before (see “The ‘Alternative’ Controversy”). There really seems no need […]

Teeth Grinding, Myofascial Pain & Acupuncture

In the upcoming issue of our quarterly newsletter Biosis, Dr. Verigin writes of the problems with ongoing teeth clenching, grinding and bruxing and nine steps you can take to help kick the habit and save your teeth…not to mention alleviate the jaw, face, head and neck pain that accompanies grinding. He notes that anywhere from […]

Physical Activity as Preventive Medicine & Other News of Note

Physical Inactivity Poses Greatest Health Risk to Americans (PhysOrg) Speaking at APA’s 117th Annual Convention, Steven Blair, PED, called Americans’ physical inactivity “the biggest public health problem of the 21st century.” * * * Research has shown approximately 25 percent to 35 percent of American adults are inactive, Blair said, meaning that they have sedentary […]