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Putting the Gum Disease-Cancer Link into Perspective

If you smoke, you’re pretty much guaranteed gum disease. And, of course, your risk of a whole host of chronic, systemic illnesses soars. But just because you’re a nonsmoker, your gums don’t necessarily get a free pass. Despite smoking rates … Continue reading

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Modern Chronic Illness, a Cumulative Condition

Many of the patients we see come to us with longstanding health problems they suspect are related to things like root canal teeth, mercury amalgam fillings and cavitations. But while such dental factors may indeed be playing a role, they’re … Continue reading

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Big League Chew, Major League Damage

Well, the Giants did it again last night and won their third World Series in 5 years! And while the 2014 season is now all but history, baseball – maybe more than any other sport – basks in that history. … Continue reading

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Root Canals Are a Chronic Focus, Part 3: The Toxins

By Gary M. Verigin, DDS, CTN Read Part 1, “What Weston Price REALLY Learned About Root Canals”Read Part 2, “How ‘Saved’ Teeth Become a Problem” From the August 2014 issue of Biosis Last time, we ended by looking at the … Continue reading

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Follow-up: Medical Damage

Another fascinating – if disconcerting – study on “preventive” double mastectomy came out recently. That procedure made big news earlier this year, you may recall, when Angelina Jolie announced that she had gone this route. And as we noted then, … Continue reading

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Oral Health-Oral Cancer Conundrum

Late last month, you might have noticed a lot of whoop-de-doo about a study which found a link between poor oral health and oral HPV infection. More than one headline suggested that brushing and flossing might lower your risk of … Continue reading

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Follow-up: Antidepressants, Obesity & Cancer Edition

Often it happens that soon after we post on one topic or another, we stumble upon related material and think, “Damn, wish we could’ve included that in the post!” A few such item we’ve bookmarked in recent weeks: After “News … Continue reading

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