Quick Links: Memory, Sleep, Vitamin D, Women’s Oral Health Needs & More on the Dental/Systemic Health Link

World-First Trial Proves Exercise Helps Memory (PhysOrg) WACHA director Professor Leon Flicker said people over the age of 50 could pro-actively prevent memory deterioration by joining in simple and easy exercises each day. “What our trial tells us is that older people who take up some form of aerobic exercise for as little as 20 […]

Helping Kids Learn How to Be Stress Hardy

Back-to-school time often increases stress for all concerned – kids, parents, families, teachers, administrators…. Now an increasing number of people are turning to yoga as a tool for stress management, as well as improving physical health and creating balance in their lives. In this recent article from the Portland (OR) edition of Natural Awakenings, Jim […]

CA BPA Ban Killed; NTP Finalizes BPA Report Urging “Some Concern”

Last week, the California State Assembly voted down SB 1713, the bill that would have barred the use of BPA from children’s products. EWG press release: Sat Aug 30 09:16:18 2008 Pacific Time Shady Chemical Industry Campaign Kills California Ban on BPA in Baby Bottles SACRAMENTO, Calif., Aug. 30 (AScribe Newswire) — Bowing to a […]