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Recommended Reading: 7 Longreads on What We’re Doing to Food & What Food Is Doing to Us

Modern Industrial Foods & Their Effects on the Human BodyWhat’s modern farming doing to our food? This recent article from the Natural Medicine Journal explores the health impact of modern interventions commonly used in the food industry – GM crops, … Continue reading

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The Modern Diet, a “Failed Experiment”

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Sugar: The Difference-Maker

Recently, we ran across a not-very-surprising-yet-kind-of-interesting study published earlier this year in Caries Research. The “no surprise” part is that it confirmed the role for sucrose – ordinary table sugar – in tooth decay. Evaluating a group of children over … Continue reading

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Stat!: The Way to Decay

Percent of Americans who don’t brush their teeth twice a day, as recommended: 40 Percent who, when they do brush, brush less than the recommended 2 minutes: 50+ Percent who never floss at all: 33 Grams of added sugar eaten … Continue reading

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Organic Means Less Pesticide Exposure

There are lots of good reasons for opting for organic. For instance: More than one of those reasons hinge on a simple fact about organics: They don’t offer the super-sized, super-potent pesticide chemical cocktail industrially farmed crops provides. Now, new … Continue reading

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Stat!: Too Much Sugar

Max daily calories that the World Health Organization says should come from sugar: 10% of total Sugar consumption “target” recommended by WHO: 5% Target recommended by independent researchers to prevent tooth decay: 3% Percent of the average American adult’s daily … Continue reading

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Food, GMOs & the Right to Know

In case you missed it last week in the run-up to Thanksgiving, the FDA recently announced that calorie counts will now need to be “clearly and conspicuously” posted on menus and displays in all establishments that sell prepared foods and … Continue reading

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