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How Your Attitude Can Affect Your Health

Thoughts are powerful. When they become actions, of course, they can change the world. But even when we keep them inside our own heads, they can affect not only the way we see the world but our very health and … Continue reading

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The Power of Gratitude

As we approach Thanksgiving, we share one of our favorite talks on gratitude by leading expert Dr. Robert Emmons of UC Davis: All of us here at Dr. Verigin’s office wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving and festive … Continue reading

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The Modern Diet, a “Failed Experiment”

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Eminently Quotable: H. Gilbert Welch

Dr. Welch is a professor of medicine at Dartmouth (and author of the excellent book Overdiagnosed) who was recently asked to comment on Mark Cuban’s suggestion that anyone who can afford it should get quarterly bloodwork to track their health … Continue reading

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How Whole Body Illness Evolves

A terrific explanation of a fundamental concept in biological dental medicine, via New York naturopathic physician Dr. Saul Marcus: To learn more, visit our info and resources page on Whole Body Illness and Biological Terrain Analysis (BTA) or explore Dr. … Continue reading

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Exercise Matters

Exercise is one of those things we all know we should do to stay healthy. Still, most of us fail to do enough of it. In fact, only about 20% of adults meet the standard guidelines for physical activity. There … Continue reading

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Why You Need to Stay Hydrated

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