Natural Remedies for Dental Fear

Ever since the economy took its nose-dive several years ago, conventional wisdom has said that more people are avoiding dental visits due to the cost of care. Surveys have shown that anywhere from 36 to 75% of those who delay or forego dental work give financial concerns as their main reason why. But that’s far […]

When Label & Supplement Don’t Match

A new study offers a reminder of why you want to be selective when it comes to the nutritional supplements you buy: What it says on the label and what’s actually inside may not always match. For this latest study on supplement quality, published in BMC Medicine, researchers tested 44 herbal products produced by 12 […]

Essential Oils & Healthy Gums

There’s a new, small study out suggesting that “essential oil mouth rinse” may not improve your periodontal health all that much if you’re already pretty diligent with your hygiene. So are essential oils just a kind of gimmick? It depends on what kind of oils you’re talking about. The study, published in the International Journal […]

Beyond Pills

Originally posted 13 April 2009 This is one of those good news/bad news kind of stories. Okay, maybe not “bad news,” but at least news that makes you wonder: In flusher times, Ms. Parham said, she spent $50 a month on prescriptions for her asthma, allergies and other chronic problems. Now, she pays $6 a […]

Natural Antibiotics: The Healthier Alternative (Guest Post)

Antibiotics don’t work on viral or fungal infections. They destroy beneficial flora, weaken immunity and add toxins to your body. Their overuse causes the formation of resistant strains of bacteria. As a rule they should be the last resort, not the first. Nonetheless, many people continue to think they’re necessary for colds, flu and respiratory […]

Should We Fear the Witch and Her Brew to Beat the Flu? (Guest Post)

Now, don’t be scared off by that word “witch.” Its true definition is “Wise One.” She was the natural healer and midwife for many centuries, using herbs and skills passed down through many generations to help peasant populations. She birthed the babies, assisted the dying and helped heal the sick. Witches were often the only […]

Dandelion: Desperate Weed or Sacred Healer? (Guest Post)

When I was a child and asked to help with gardening, I often got handed a special tool designed to pull weeds out of our middle class suburban lawn. The weeds, as it turns out, were Taraxacum officinale, the common dandelion and bane of homeowners since the 1950s when large, green lawns came into vogue. […]

Is Insomnia Harming Your Immune System? (Guest Post)

Marquette La/Flickr   I recently heard a celebrity doctor say 7 hours of sleep per night is ideal; more than that, we are shortening our life spans. But not long after, I read an article in a health journal advising 8 hours of sleep for optimal health. Obviously, there are conflicting views about how much […]

5 Healthy Herbs You Can Easily Grow Yourself

In the July/August issue of AARP The Magazine, the gardening gurus highlight five simple-to-grow herbs that may help boost brain health, alleviate aches, and help you sleep. Though the article targets older readers, adults of all ages can benefit from these herbs – as well as the simple joy of nurturing life through keeping a […]