New Questions About Herbal Supplement Quality

We’ve seen before that there can sometimes be real discrepancies between what a supplement label says and what it actually contains. The issue came to the fore again last week when the New York Times reported that most herbal supplements tested for the state attorney general’s office did not contain any of the herbs listed […]

When Label & Supplement Don’t Match

A new study offers a reminder of why you want to be selective when it comes to the nutritional supplements you buy: What it says on the label and what’s actually inside may not always match. For this latest study on supplement quality, published in BMC Medicine, researchers tested 44 herbal products produced by 12 […]

Drugs & Supplements Don’t Always Play Nice with Each Other

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s important to keep all your health care providers aware of all medicaments you regularly take – not just pharmaceutical drugs but also things like dietary supplements and herbs. There can be negative interactions among them. Keeping your dentist, physician and other providers informed goes a long way toward avoiding such […]

Stat!: Why Supplement?

Percent of American adults who use dietary supplements to “improve” their overall health: 45 Percent who take them to “maintain” their health: 33 Supplements most commonly taken: multivitamin-mineral, calcium, omega-3/fish oil Percent who take specific supplements on the recommendation of a physician or other health professional: 23 If you’re thinking about supplementing beyond the basics […]

About Those “Risky” Supplements…

Every so often, a whole lot of noise is made about the “health risks” of nutritional supplements. And how risky are they? Here’s one chart: Most deadly? Serving in the Middle Eastern wars, preventable medical injuries and reactions to pharmaceutical drugs. Least? Food supplements and herbal remedies. The risk, as calculated by the Alliance for […]

Beyond Pills

Originally posted 13 April 2009 This is one of those good news/bad news kind of stories. Okay, maybe not “bad news,” but at least news that makes you wonder: In flusher times, Ms. Parham said, she spent $50 a month on prescriptions for her asthma, allergies and other chronic problems. Now, she pays $6 a […]

What About Asparagus?

So what about another alleged “superfood” – asparagus? About a week ago, one of our clients sent us an oft-forwarded email, mentioning its emphasis on glutathione, a key supplement in her healing process. (More on that in a moment.) This email has been around for a while, so maybe you’ve seen it, too, at some […]

FDA Conflict-of-Interest Rules Apt to Loosen, & Other News of Note

Lawmakers May Relax FDA Drug Conflict Rules (Reuters) U.S. lawmakers likely will change the criteria for advisers reviewing new medicines next year because of complaints that the rules meant to prevent conflicts of interest make it harder to find real experts. * * * Others say that the agency is not looking hard enough. A […]